No matter who you are and what walk of life you may be from, you once had a limitless imagination…

When you were a kid, you lived without fear and disappointment and you had ambitious goals – if you wanted to be the President, Superman, or an astronaut, YOU COULD, your imagination determined the rules.
Eduloan can help you make your vision for the future a reality.  To illustrate this we have launched the Registration 2014 campaign across our social platforms and campuses nationwide.
Up for grabs:
You can stand a chance to win your share of up to R75 000 worth of fabulous prizes.
To be eligible for the draw to win a R 50 000 voucher to kit-out your home – you just need to successfully apply for a study loan.
To be entered into the draw to win 1 of 50 R500 to spend on awesome stuff for your home. Upload a photo that illustrates your vision for your future to our Facebook page. It can be a quote, something that you drew or a building or person that inspires you.
To Enter on Facebook click here: or click here to enter via our mobile site:
So how can we help you realize your dreams:
We offer financing for all levels of tuition – school, university or college. Our loan offering covers outstanding study fess, registration fees, tuition fees and we will help you pay for all your study related items with loans for textbooks, accommodation, laptops, tablets and other relevant study equipment.
Did you know that a study loan from Eduloan will make your life simpler?
  • Extremely low monthly repayments
  • No deposits. No hidden costs
  • Fixed monthly installments, so no surprises and you can budget easily
  • You only need 4 documents to apply
    1. A copy of your or your sponsor’s latest salary slip
    2. A certified copy of your ID
    3. A study fee quotation from the institution you will be studying at
    4. You or your sponsor’s latest bank statement.
  • Get a  quick response
  • No admin. Your study loan is paid directly to the institution
  • No limits. Apply for all your study needs from books to laptops, registration fees or outstanding study fees
  • If you are not in full time employment, anyone can apply on your behalf. They just need to be full time employed and meet the instalment criteria
Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in reaching your dreams!
 0860 55 55 44
One Day is Today, Own It!
Article issued by Eduloan