About SAStudy

Welcome to SA Study

SAstudy.co.za serves as an essential tool to help prospective and current students make an informed decision on where and what to study and who to contact and what financial aid is available. This online platform also serves as a press office for tertiary institutions to spread the news about what’s happening on their campus.

Where to study?

The Institution section* provides students with an overview of the tertiary landscape in South Africa. Institution profiles cover the following information:

  • A brief introduction on the institution to establish its credentials: accolades, years established, and range of study options on offer
  • Courses on offer (full time, part time, on campus and distance learning)
  • Accommodation facilities
  • The benefits of the particular campus, including extramural activities
  • Advice on getting ready for campus life

What to study?

Not sure which course you are interested in? Have a look at our Course section* for information on the different courses options.

Where can I find financial aid?

You have been accepted by a tertiary institution, but don’t have the money to pay for it? Our Bursary section* has a list of different bursary options available to students, please note that we do not hand out bursaries, we only supply information on it. Please be in contact with the company that offers the bursary regarding requirements/applications/fees etc.