A mentor or trainer can exert an incredible amount of influence on students and their lives. The bond between learners and teachers can be enduring to the point where they can even last beyond the grave. Many of us have come to respect what our teachers and instructors truly taught so many in life.

This is why exactly teachers are able to use this power to mold young minds and direct them to a path of greater self-discovery and enlightenment.

According to a recent study by National Center for Education Statistics, there were 3.5 million full and part-time public school teachers, 1.8 million elementary school teachers, and 1.8 million secondary school teachers from 2017-2018.

Furthermore, the number of public school teachers in 2017-2018 was 3 million higher than in 1999-2000. Also, 58% of public school teachers held a post-baccalaureate degree in 2017-2018 as compared to 47% of public school teachers with a post-baccalaureate degree in 1999-2000.

With that out of the way, let’s take a quick look at how a teachers appearance can affect a student’s learning and create an impact for them.      

Applying Influence

While appearances do matter and looks can be deceiving, surprisingly the way we dress has been studied to leave an impact us more so than on others. Furthermore, it’s a known fact that appearances are the first thing a person notes about another individual. These visual cues can often lead our judgments and mental constructs about their personalities and the type of person they are.

A fine example can that be of a person wearing a lab coat in a hospital where others might deduce that they are a medical professional. A teacher’s appearance similarly can influence a student’s perception, which can then leave a lasting impact on their learning appearance with that particular teacher.

Attitude towards Life

The way we dress and carry ourselves showcases our attitude towards lives. That is why if you visit an Emo club you will find people following a certain attire and look around them. Similarly, biker gangs, aka outlaw motorcycle club, follow their particular sense of style and fashion.

Likewise, the personal appearance of teachers can relay strong inclinations about their attitudes in life.

This, in return, can play an important part in communicating with students. Actions do speak louder than words, plus with the right appearance that communication can be strengthened further and made more impactful.     

Attracting Attention

People do notice when they see a person with an odd appearance and that as a result, is able to generate attention. Appearances of teachers play a similar role, and this can enable students to pay more attention in class or during interpersonal interactions. The more attentive students are, the more they are able to focus on what is being taught to them.

Teachers with an unsavory attire or appearance would evidently cause students to lose their interest and might cause them to disengage from what is being communicated to them. Take the example of The Professor from the Money Heist series. The way he dresses is different and distinguishable. This grants him the ability to become the center of attention whenever he speaks, allowing other members of their team to stop talking and focus on what he is saying.

Becoming an Archetype

An archetype is a concept that is relatable within areas of behavior, literary analysis, and historical psychology. Archetypes are often described as the first form or main modal of behavioral patterns. For instance, the Joker character from the Batman series can be defined as the archetype of chaos.

Similarly, teachers with proper appearance can form an archetype for an educator and academician. This can allow students to view them with authority as an intellectual or a member of an academy. In return, these students will then automatically pay head to what the instructor asks them to do and view them with respect.    

Commanding Discipline

Life centers on principles, especially for those who are counted amongst successful people have their own unbreakable principles, morals, values, and ethics. Appearances to a certain degree can showcase a person’s discipline in life.

For example, polished shoes ironed clothes, and an overall neat and clean appearance provides cues about a person who is reasonably well-organized follows a meticulous method of living.

Hence students of such teachers would find themselves drawn into their visage and give themselves a reminder to act properly in their presence. On the other hand, a teacher with messy hairs, tattoos, and casual clothing would not be able to command such discipline on their students.

Leading by Example

This is an age-old technique in which a person has to take charge and lead others through their own actions and behavior as an example. Teachers can embody the notions and the ideas behind their teaching through their appearances. This can be observed through the example of how Steve Jobs used to dress when he presented on stage regarding new inventions and innovative technologies introduced by Apple.

He was a stout believer of Zen and Buddhist teachings that symbolize simplicity in life and reducing clutter which can block one’s path. Much of his portrayal of beneficial technology for humanity stems from those roots where technology can help in making people’s lives simple and effortless.      

Motivating Others

Appearances can make heads turn, and a nicely dressed person can make people feel good. This is why exactly when people find homeless people, they feel sympathetic towards them due to their poor appearances.

On the other hand, a well-groomed and glamorously dressed celebrity can make you feel excited. Take the example of Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

This encouraged a lot of people in the audience to don the attire similar to Jack Sparrow’s and find out how it feels like to be a pirate. But there is no doubt that Mr Depp is an outrageously gifted actor and in many of his movies, his attire with the response to the character he plays are simply mesmerizing, to say the least.   

Personal Grooming & Hygiene

Another aspect of appearance that can influence students and their learning abilities to some degree is the personal hygiene and grooming of a teacher. These can include various things such as cut and neatly filed nails to oral hygiene, body odor, grooming of the hair, and the generally perceived cleanliness of the teacher. Not one likes a dirty, greasy, or messy look.

Though as all people, we sweat, and throughout the day we run into situations that can create a mess, but how the teachers manage their day to day affairs and still look posh in a sense can leave a positive impression on pupils.

At Crowd Writer,students are also recommended to keep a check on their personal grooming and hygiene as it can help them in staying active and keeping a healthy lookout towards their lives.   


How does one look like a professional? What attire is deemed suitable for any profession out there? These are the questions which anybody with a little common sense can answer right away. For a casino owner donning a Hawaiian shirt with a cool blaze and some bling-bling may seem acceptable, but the same attire for a medical nurse or a doctor will undoubtedly feel odd and outlandish.

Just imagine your school principal walking towards the main hall of the school building with a briefcase in one hand and wearing Bermuda shorts and crop-top, it doesn’t feel right, right? I mean if teachers really want to be treated seriously as a source of guidance to younger minds, they need to have the proper attire and the appearance of a professional to make them understand what they mean is serious business.  

Receive Respect

We all take a look at an old lady who wants to cross the road and immediately feel like helping her. The fact of the matter is that sometimes appearances can cause us to act out towards a person in a certain way that is perceived as thoughtful and well deserving. Would you help out a beggar or needy person in the streets that wore stylish designer brands, expensive accessories, and holding a Louis Vuitton bag?

I doubt you would because their appearance would definitely cause you to be suspicious of what they are portraying to be in person. Similarly, teachers with formal attire and appearance can cause students to show respect and revere them. This can augment their learning experience and also their confidence in their mentors.     

Showcase Values

On social media, we find peoples changing or adding to their profile pictures to show their support for various causes, including LGBTQ community and #BlackLivesMatter. Appearances can also be used to showcase patriotism and love for one’s country.

A badge or pin-up flag of the nation can inform students that their teacher is in love with the country and thus wouldn’t except any degrading comments about the nation. Similarly, appearances can also be used to display various other values that a person holds in high regard. Just like a nose or an ear-piercing can be perceived as a sign of freedom of expression.  


Teachers play a monumental role and alarming; some may forget their teacher’s name but never how they look or appear in their memories. There are teachers we love, and then there are teachers we don’t, although secretly they stay with us in our hearts and minds forever. It is undoubtedly their appearance and how we remember them that makes them live on inside ourselves.

Appearances of teachers do leave an impact, and that impact in return can influence and stimulate our learning experiences with them. Do care to share your own memory about teachers with unique appearances in the comment section below.

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