Getting a type of education you like is not difficult in these days since we have companies like NSFAS. Higher education is very expensive but NSFAS can make it affordable for you. National Student Financial Aid Scheme of South Africa (NSFAS) provides deserving and needy students with loans and bursaries. It has been there for students for many years and still going to be there for upcoming students.

What is good about NSFAS is that they do not rush students into paying back their money. The negotiations of paying back the money only starts in three months after getting a permanent job and the percentage of the money they deduct from your account should be suggested by you.

You don’t need to have high marks to qualify for NSFAS loan. All you need to do is to register to any public university or FET college. Once your registration has been proceeded, you can go to NSFAS office inside the campus and register with them. NSFAS offices are based to each and every public university or FET college campus.

NSFAS also provide bursaries to students with disabilities. It gives them money for accomodation, studies, textbooks and food.

The way NSFAS works differs from campus to campus. For UNISA students it covers textbooks and study modules only. But for other campuses it covers everything depending on what the student want.

NSFAS also provide students with bursaries. In order to qualify for this bursary you need to work hard so that you will get good marks and then you will be able to get the bursary. They do not just give bursaries to any student, they only select those with higher marks.

In order to keep the loan activated, students should fill in some forms with NSFAS in every begining of a semerster.

Article source: Cool Campus (Student Brands Blog)