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You love a good party but a couple of drinks are where it stops.  What can you do if a friend of yours takes it further into the seemingly hip and happening world of excessive drinking, cocaine, speed, weed, tik and so on?

Here are some tips on how you can help do something about it.

Firstly, to be effective in any area, knowledge is necessary.  For example if your car won’t start and you have no clue as to how a car works you will not even be able to see that the battery is disconnected or the key isn’t in the ignition!  It is the same with life.  The more we know the more we can do to improve it.  This is especially true with drugs.
The first thing to know is why a person gets into drugs in the first place.  Often someone tries because of interest due the positive things others have said about it or just from curiosity.

How does this change from an experiment to more use?

Simple! They liked it.
This could either be the effect or something else that comes with using.  Say they are a little withdrawn and a drug (alcohol is a drug!) makes them feel more outgoing.  This could seem helpful to the person and not knowing another way to be like this could continue to use this substance.  Or, say they are feeling a bit out socially and they accept an offer of a drag on a joint.  Now having something in common with them will feel more part the social scene.
The reasons why people use drugs are endless and can be as varied as the kinds and types of problems people can have but the bottom line is that people use drugs to try and ‘solve’ a problem. It could be boredom, stress, pain, the desire to fit it etc.

Alright so how can we use this to help our friend?

Easy!  Step one, don’t even talk about drugs.  Get chatting and somewhere along the line when you are in good communication ask them what they would most like to improve about themselves.  Really get them to identify what it is about them they would most like to improve.  They must be able to identify the main thing about them that is ruining their lives.  This could be lack of confidence, need to fit in etc.
If you have done this well you will have the thing they are trying to ‘solve’ with drugs.  Now, ask them to tell you how this is affecting their lives negatively.  Once they can see this clearly ask them if it is getting better or worse.  The chances it is not getting better as drugs will not solve this but merely mask it temporally.  In fact drugs slowly worsen a person’s ability to face and solve problems.
Once they can see that it is not getting better ask them if they would like to improve this for real.  If you have done all the previous steps properly they will be very interested to sort it out. Now they need to be directed to a program that will undo the damage that drugs cause and give them the tools to make life better and find real happiness and success.
The Narconon program is precisely such a program.  It is designed to make a person more able and provide them with the tools to succeed in life and thus not need drugs. Narconon have one of the highest success rates worldwide – because they enable a person to get back in control of their lives and make it better.  It is not just about stopping drugs, it is about making life so much better that drugs are not needed anymore.
The technique above was developed by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard whose research is used on the Narconon program.  If you would like to find out more about how to help others contact your nearest Narconon centre:
Narconon Johannesburg:
[email protected]
011 6223998
Narconon Cape Town:
[email protected]
021-511 5174 or 021-510 6160
083 653 8008
We want to help you be able to help others and the way we are going to make this a great nation is by all well intentioned people knowing more about how to assist others and this is what we are here for.