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Application Pack for the UFS International first-year leadership programme

Please find some background information, requirements, instructions and other relevant information to apply for the UFS International first-year leadership programme.
Carefully read the following documents and then complete the electronic application form:

    1. Letter to applicants  (293K, PDF)
    2. Concept brief: Programme   (99K, PDF)
    3. Programme 2012 (122K, PDF)
    4. Application: Procedure and schedule (193K, PDF)
    5. Application: Requirements (293K, PDF)
    6. Application: Instructions and check list (88K, PDF)

Read, download and prepare the following documents before completing the application form:

  1. Template: Letter of Reference (34K, Word)
  2. Template: Curriculum Vitae (247K, Word)
  3. Template: Questions on Leadership, Diversity & Citizenship (33K, Word)
  4. Electronic Application Form  (Online)

If you have any problems with the online application, contact the University of the Free State on: +27 (051) 401 9087 or [email protected] 

Article and image by UFS