Mageu Number 1 has gone smooth. Really smooth. So smooth they’ve infiltrated campuses – Wits (23rd April), TUT (25th April), UJ Kingsway (3rd May), UJ Bunting Road (7th May) – by providing a Smooth Zone for students to chill in, charge up and maybe even grab some insider tips on how to be recognised as smoother than Michael Jackson moon-walking on an iceberg. But don’t try that at home. If you have an iceberg at home, well, you’re probably quite smooth already.

‘The youth are the future of our country. They’re fired up, ready for opportunity and want it all… so we’re providing a platform and the means for them to take themselves to the next level. Mentally and physically, Mageu Number 1 Smooth offers exactly that,’ says brand manager Thandi Ntuli.
To be on top form with your studies, career and personal life, you need to be smooth. James Brown levels of smooth. A really smooth operator, ninja-like in your skills (but we’re not encouraging you to be a con artist)!
To be smooth means to live casually but not callously, to take life seriously but never be too serious. You’ve got to be alert and aware, so Mageu Number 1 Smooth has come up with some inside info to smooth things over:

  • Your mental and physical wellbeing are totally intertwined. If you feel good physically, you’ll feel good in your mind. You need to bolster both of these to ensure a healthy future, but also to make sure that you are giving 100% of yourself in the here and now. Having a Mageu Number 1 Smooth isn’t simply a sugar rush. It will sustain your energy throughout the day, smoothly. Besides, the new flavours are actually quite badass. Commercial over.
  • Sleep. Everyone loves to, but sometimes it’s just not so easy to get the right number of hours in. Make sure you aren’t skipping on valuable sleep unnecessarily. Sleep deprivation can really mess with your biological clock and have a negative long term effect on your productive lifestyle and by extension, your smoothness, and by further extension, your sexiness.
  • Emotional health. Partying surely seems to be one of the best reasons to celebrate youth, but remember, moderation is the name of the game. Take a breather. Think about your future… as in how you will be feeling the very next day? A good belly laugh does wonders to lift the emotions. Read the newspapers and have a chuckle at all the crazy things happening in the world. Quiet quality time with a close friend actually scores more emotional points long term than the wildest night out with your mates.
  • Procrastination. Yes, it’s a dirty, dirty word. With Facebook and other social media plus electronic gizmos around these days, who can help all the delicious distractions… and…. OMG have you seen this hilarious video of the monkey?!
  • Knowledge is power. You’ve got to keep the flow of information to your brain as smooth as possible. If you know more, you can do more. Read a book on Egyptian mythology or a collection of poetry. Disable the spellchecker on your computer for a while and you’ll be amazed at how easily your brain picks up language. There’s no need to make a chore of it or become an expert on the molecular properties of quantum mechanics, it’s simply about broadening your own horizons. Plus it’s usually a big hit with the ladies or the gents if you can be a smooth mental operator.

With each decision you make, you unlock new avenues of opportunities and ways to be smooth. Before grabbing from the nest of opportunities, analyse what’s being held in store for you by each opportunity. Ask yourself, ‘Is this opportunity that looks so shiny on the face of it, actually going to send me forwards or backwards?’ More importantly, ask yourself whether a particular opportunity will afford you more opportunities. Life is like a coastal road trip – exciting, terrifying, financially challenging and filled with some of the strangest people, places and side roads you’ll ever see. You’re doing it more for the journey than the destination.
More often than not though, being smooth is grabbing something that will offer you growth – whether it’s on an educational, professional or personal level. They all intersect anyway. This road of life might be more of the gravel and pothole-filled variety, but if you’re confident about your future and you know what you want out of life, then you can be sure it will be a much smoother journey (possibly with some James Brown or Sade in the CD player).