We all know that studying can be an expensive exercise and most of the time you think that your loan or bursary will cover all your expenses at the beginning of your academic year. Somehow additional expense arises unexpectedly.  We do not want these costs to catch you off-guard, so we are going to dabble and point out what some of these expenses could be.


At school, you were at the top of your class, but when you got to university or college you seem to have problems with keeping up with that calculus or science or even your advance English course.  Tutoring could be your answer to getting back into the game, but this comes at an extra charge and your budget might not cover this.


So you were not aware that attending college and earning a degree included this much printing?  The worst part is that it is only going to get more in your senior years.  Some institutions might provide for free printing, but most doesn’t.

Material – labs, design etc.

Lab fees are charged at an extra rate depending on your institution and most of the times the materials for experiments and or designs (goggles, lab coat, pencils, paper) are not included.  Try and speak to some of you senior peers to determine what these costs might be to budget for these in advance.


Of all these costs, accommodation might be the most expensive cost.  With the rising demand for accommodation, rental agencies in college/university areas tend to raise the cost of rent.

Computer / Laptop

Even though most institutions provide computer labs, getting a laptop or PC could be nifty and convenient.  You can do your projects in your own time in-between classes or take notes in class.  This can help you save on the cost of note books and even on printing as many universities now make use of online submission portals.