The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s objective is to provide access to quality high school education to those who otherwise would not have been able to afford it. However, how the opportunity differs from other bursaries/scholarships is that in addition to providing comprehensive financial support to beneficiaries, there is a strong focus on developing an entrepreneurial mindset – this is achieved through personal and entrepreneurial development programmes and mentorship. We believe that it is only through creating entrepreneurial leaders that we can effect a long term, positive societal and economic impact.

Applications for the South African Scholarship Opportunity is available to learners in Grade 6, and successful applicants enter the Scholarship in Grade 8. Applications to the Scholarship close mid-September which is why we are trying to create maximum awareness prior to this date. The more the video is shared the more chance we have of reaching all of the Grade 6 learners nationally.

Meet Saadiq, Bulelani and Roxanne: Three children whose lives have been changed by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Scholarship opportunity. Find out how you can help improve a child’s future by watching the video in this link:

How to Apply for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Scholarship Programme

Saadiq Brey

Bulelani Ngqukuvana

Roxanne Christian

Article issued by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation