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By Allie Duncan of Her Campus
Technology has changed the way relationships work. While it’s so much easier to find out information about a new guy you’re hanging out with, check up on your boyfriend, share your feelings with seven hundred of your closest friends, etc., it has also become that much easier to push guys away. In today’s digital age, you have to be careful that you aren’t putting the wrong stuff out there.
1. Being Overly Emotional on Social Media
It can be tempting to share your feelings with all of your ‘followers’ and ‘friends’; after all, they probably want to hear about it, right? Maybe some of your friends do, but the majority don’t – especially the guys. If you tweet about a fight with your best friend or about your family drama, guys will assume that you are overly dramatic. For example, “I can’t believe Sarah ditched out on me again. She’s the worst friend ever… I’m so over it!” Your social media accounts say a lot about you so be careful about what you put out there. It’s a reflection on you so make it positive, no matter how you actually feel at the time. Save the drama for face-to-face conversations with your family and close friends.

2. Having a Constantly Updated, Super Personal Blog
Blogs have become a huge part of people’s everyday lives, and many people choose to use them as an online diary. It’s okay to share personal details and anecdotes from your day in your blog, however, it’s not okay to go overboard with the details. If a new guy you are crushing on finds your blog, what will he think about you? He probably won’t like it if your latest post is titled “My Relationship History” with a full description (good or bad) of all the guys you’ve dated, hooked up with, hung out with, talked to in class… etc. Always remember that the Internet is open to the public so your new crush may be searching for you to see if he thinks you would be compatible. Don’t let him read about your horrible breakup last semester, your bad grades, what you ate for breakfast, etc. Your blog should not be an online diary unless you plan to make it private.
3. Posting Pictures
One of the best features of social media sites is the picture posting function. It’s always nice to see photos of your friends and family doing fun things. It’s even more fun to post your own photos and read the comments from your friends. However, what’s not fun is turning off a guy you like because there are too many photos of you partying like crazy. While it’s okay to have a great time with your friends on the weekend, you don’t need to advertise that you were wasted beyond belief on Saturday, that you couldn’t walk straight, that you made out with some random freshman, etc. Keep your pictures classy and private! Leave a little to the imagination for your new guy.
With that, go forth and have a great weekend!
Article adapted from Her Campus