armed body guard

The duty of an armed bodyguard is to protect their clients from harm. By no means is this for everyone, as the risks involved are innumerable, but if you feel that you can make this your career, then take a more insightful look at the requirements of this position.
Job description
An armed bodyguard is a personal security officer who protects their client from threats, assault, stalking and kidnapping. They protect their clients by assessing possible threats, planning routes, searching cars, buildings and sometimes also serve as drivers. While preparedness is a given, an armed bodyguard must be prepared to use force if necessary.
Education requirements
No formal education or degree is typically required of those who want to become armed bodyguards, but training in defence, weaponry and combat are a prerequisite. You can start out with a security job in Gauteng, Cape Town or anywhere else in the world, as long as you have some education in criminal justice. Training for bodyguards may be provided by a private security company which includes classes in unarmed combat, threat assessment and first aid.
Required skills:

  • Experience in the field of combat and defence
  • Must be in strong physical shape
  • Must have knowledge of a wide range of weapons, both from an offensive and a defensive perspective
  • Excellent vision and hearing
  • Should demonstration active thinking, critical analysis and communication skills

People who choose to hire armed bodyguards are those who are frequently in the public eye such as celebrities and politicians, who may be at a higher risk than civilians. It also occurs that wealthy individuals hire protection for themselves or their family members. Employment opportunities may be found through private security companies or with an individual client.
Although bodyguard salaries for entry-level armed bodyguard positions may be relatively low, high-paying jobs for private clients may pay more. Hours are typically set for guards working at a security company, while personal armed bodyguards are sometimes required to be on call 24 hours a day, every day.
To be a bodyguard is not the same as it appears in the movies. It takes up all of your personal time and your life could also very well end up being in danger. But there is a satisfactory feeling to it. You get to feel like someone’s personal super hero, protecting and securing their lives at every chance you get.