Applying for an internship is not one of the hardest things you will face; it’s the rejection part that gets to you most. You are not the only one applying for an internship and you are probably not the only one who shares the company values. The competition is tough. There will be people who have better grades than you and who are more confident than you. At the end of the day it all comes down to who is best suited for the job. However, there are some tips you might want to keep in mind to aid your cause.

Take a chance

Apply to companies that may not be advertising that they need interns. It’s all about getting ahead of the pack and your willingness to learn. Everyone searches for intern jobs that are advertised on job seeking sites, but rarely do they search for companies that aren’t listing for interns. Your chances of getting feedback are greater and you will come across as being proactive.

Prepare for the interview

Many business schools in South Africa give advice on how to prepare for an interview, but your main focus shouldn’t only be the interview questions. You should also research the company. Pore over the company website, go over the firm’s mission statement and executive biographies. This is how you are going to know whether you have something in common with the person who runs the company.

Ask questions

While it’s good to ask questions about the company, focus more on the job at hand. Find out what the internship entails and what a normal day of an intern is like. Remember that you are there to actually learn about the work environment and not only be a skivvy. It shows good character to do the odd jobs and make coffee, but your main focus should be to gain practical experience. Asking questions about your position as an intern, subconsciously gives the impression to the interviewer that you have already landed the job and ready to take it on.

Eagerness wins the game

An unpaid internship shouldn’t put you off. See this opportunity as an investment for your future. Tell them you are ready to start immediately and want to show them your worth regardless of the money. They are investing in you also, so if you show them that you are enthusiastic and eager to work, you will most likely get the internship. You are the one in charge of what you want to become one day. Stepping out into the world, as an intern only gives you a glimpse of what awaits you. But with experience under your belt, you will stay ahead in the game.