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Guess everyone has told you by now that varsity is not high school or like your home, but have they old you exactly what to expect on campus and on res?
The koshuis or digs is your home for the next year or two or three so make it as comfortable as you want it to be, but what if you’re stuck with the worst roommate on earth?

At varsity, it’s a different ball game. Sharing a room with a stranger can go one of three ways. Either you hit it off brilliantly and end up being good friends. Or, the most common situation is that you both glide through the year, not getting in each other’s way. Then, and hold thumbs that this isn’t you, you get the wild-child roomie – stumbling in drunk at 4am, being messy, being loud, etc. What to do?

Well, you can’t always get what you want but there are ways and means to make sure your res life continues to be a bliss. I know what you’re thinking, there are so many rules and systems in place that it’s difficult to change anything on campus. But guess what, you can use those systems to your advantage. Here are some ways to deal with a nasty roommate.
Firstly, swallow your pride and talk to them about what’s bugging you. Talk to them as often as you can. Normally when you have trouble with a roommate is because you are living past each other and not communicating (enough). This basically solves the problem and if it doesn’t go see your res master.
If the situation is causing you sleepless nights, problems with studying and other distasting experiences then it’s better that the res master deals with it and find you a decent roommate. And if no one want to help you (this I doubt) please don’t go jump through the window. No one is worth all that effort! Just choose to live in a single room next year. Remember your roomie is a temporary arrangement; they’ll be out of your life when the academic year has passed and then its hello to a new one.