By Baslyn Steyn
Tertiary Institution: UNISA and UCT
Field of Study: Music
Your last day before the first at varsity…
So you’re counting the days ’til your first day at varsity. Excited about finishing your ‘High School Diary’ and starting the new chapter of a student which, might I add, in some cases ends up being an omnibus!
It’s easy to get so caught up in all the excitement for the first day that you don’t think of the details involved! Knowledge is key, in order to come prepared.
My first day at a big university was one of those days… The excitement got the upper hand and preparations took a back seat. The result: Getting lost, driving around for hours just to end up where I started which resulted in me arriving at campus 3 hours late, followed by entering the wrong auditorium. When I, eventually, arrived at my destination, the auditorium was filled with what seemed like thousands of students and lecturers. It all seemed very intimidating and the excitement came to an abrupt end as I made myself comfortable on the stairs, joining other students who fell victim to their excitement.
So before you end up embarrassing yourself beyond repair on your first day, make sure you have all the details down!