When I was in grade ten, the Accounting teacher at the time asked the Matriculants before they wrote their finals if everything they had done during the year was worthwhile now that they are looking at their marks thus far. Most were happy but others were not.

I understand that as university or tertiary students, things are not done the right way all the time. That is okay; trust me when I tell you that the great men of this world went through what you are going through. The problem begins when you do not want to acknowledge what you did wrong; when your circumstances make a tree look like a mountain. When a place you are supposed to eat fruit from is a place you have to climb.

Trace all your mistakes during the year, resolve them and maybe change them. Stay positive and move in the direction you want to see yourself in. Like I always say, “hard work inspires us, sleep abuses us”. Think this way and you will be doing things you never thought you would be doing.

Written by Thabo Ledimo