In September 2013 Student Brands launched Student Research, a division inside Student Brands focused on monthly research reports for the advertising and marketing industry. Mr. Bartkunsky, Managing Director of Student Brands explains: “The thought process behind the launch is to provide miniature reports on topics not usually covered inside the South African youth market. Student Research primary aim will be to provide free monthly reports on a variety of topics and give agencies and brands some insight into the student market, student mindset as well as trending cultures.”

He concludes by quoting Bill Gates “I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts.”

The first research survey conducted by Student Research is ‘Entertainment’ the survey was conducted through various online and mobile platforms. The research was run from mid September until mid October 2013.  The total number of completed responses (Users who fully completed the survey) was 2 301 users from across the country. 10 basic questions were asked and the report below is based on a sample size of 230 students, which is 9,99% of the total responses.

“It is our belief that all members inside our industry will find value in our monthly reports and we look forward to all challenges from the students as well as the industry” concludes Miss Kriek sales director at Student Brands.

To view the Student Research report, click here

Article issued by Student Brands