The ‘ex-PCEBursary scheme was originally introduced by the Pretoria branch of the South African Council for English Education. It sought to assist ex-students and teachers of the Pretoria College of Education with furthering their studies in the teaching and/or promotion of the English language. SACEE Pretoria branch now wishes to attract applicants from a wider field and the qualification criteria for this bursary are now as follows:

1.  The bursary is available for UNDER GRADUATE or POST GRADUATE study ONLY.  The course of study can be on any aspect of the English language e.g. the teaching/promotion of the English language, involvement in the language, drama courses etc.  The course can be by correspondence, part-time or full-time BUT IT MUST BE at a SOUTH AFRICAN educational institution.

2.  Applicants must be South African citizens or residents.

3. Applicant’s normal place of residence must be in the PRETORIA area.

4. The bursary is available for course fees, the purchase of books, printing costs and, at the Bursary Committee’s discretion, any other incidental expenses which may be incurred.  The applicant will need to show that he/she qualifies as a ‘deserving’ case.

5. The closing date is 31 JULY preceding the year (beginning 1  January) of proposed study.

Application forms can be downloaded from our website ( or can be requested from the following address:

The Director of Bursaries
South African Council for English Education
P O Box 2074,
Link Hills
KwaZulu Natal

E-mail:  [email protected]
Tel/Fax:  031 776 4185

Further information/application forms can be obtained directly from the SACEE National Office, No. 50 Valley Road, Crestview, Waterfall, 3610 KwaZulu Natal. (Office hours Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 8.30 am to 12.30 pm). Tel/Fax: 031 – 776 4185

For more info  on a Teaching bursary from  SACEE: Norah Taylor Teaching Bursary