Setting goals has become an integrated part of many of our lives… whether you aim to pass maths with distinction, place more effort into science, complete a run in a shorter period of time or learn a new language… there are so many goals and it is so easy to extend your goal deadline. This week we take a look at why you should be setting goals and how to go about it!

Why you should set goals:

Goals are used by achievers in various fields like business and sports – business oriented people might set financial goals for the company whereas sportsmen and woman might choose to set goals like winning a tournament, being selected for a specific team or breaking a record. Much like the goals set by businessmen or women and sportsmen or women, your goals can give you long term vision and help you to benefit from seeing the progress to reach that long term vision.

How to start setting goals:

If you‘re looking at setting goals, you have to look at how they contribute to the bigger picture! Identify goals that you will be able to reach – if you keep to regular small goals, the chances of you being able to reach them is far greater. You will then be able to celebrate reaching your goals (which will do wonders for your confidence).

The best day to start is today. Stop delaying the process and start working on your goals today. Whether you want to achieve better marks so that you can get that dream job, whether you want to take a course to take a step up the corporate ladder or if you want to change professions, today is better than any other day to get that process going.
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