A new Jammie Shuttle stop near Gardens Centre will help UCT students and staff to connect more easily with buses on MyCiTi routes.

The Jammie Shuttle previously had only one MyCiTi transfer point at UCT’s Hiddingh Campus, but will now connect with MyCiTi on its way to, and from, Hiddingh Campus.

This new development will reduce passengers’ travel time, while ensuring that MyCiTi’s 101 and 103 routes are used more extensively, emptying somewhat at Gardens and thereby releasing seats for other passengers downstream, says UCT’s Properties and Services’ Risk Management Director, Roland September.

He said that the integrated service was aimed at making commuting simpler for students and staff.

Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town (TCT), Councillor Brett Herron said the move was part of “our transport authority TCT’s goal to provide integrated, seamless public transport between modes and services”.

The new Jammie bus stops close to Gardens Station, enabling Shuttle passengers to access MyCiTi routes 101 and 103, with the reverse also being possible, added Herron.

 Article issued by UCT