By making your learning mobile – Not only does this mean that revision tools are at your fingertips through apps like Gojimo, it also means you can take your revision truly anywhere; and this is an advantage that cannot be underestimated. By having a tool to help you revise in a more casual, fun and engaging way; anytime, anywhere. Simply flicking through a few revision notes/flashcards/quizzes while on the bus on your mobile can make a huge difference in grades simply by having more exposure to your work.

It will make learning fun. Well, at least, Apart from our own app there’s plenty of other ways to incorporate tech into your revision schedule. One such way is through YouTube; when used effectively and not for searching funny cat videos it can be a student’s best friend. There’s plenty of great educational Youtuber’s out there; take The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Town’s author John Green for example. John Green runs an excellent youtube channel called Crash Course with a huge array of subjects. Other useful YouTuber’s include Science Demi-god Vsauce.

You are not alone – Technology means that learning has switched from individual learning to collaborative learning. A great way to make use of this is to take advantage of apps that encourage group interaction. These include group chats on Whatsapp and work based group chat app Slack which has enabled file sharing so that classes can pool their ideas (and revision notes) together and help those that might be struggling.

The internet – simple, but hey, so was the wheel. There are just so many resources out there. Follow these simple steps; look at your course title, type it into Google, trawl Google until you find what is relevant to your revision and then steal, steal and steal again. Turn these internet notes into your own revision, add colours, add pictures if you like and see your capacity to learn grow as a result. As the saying goes, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’

Finally, use us! Gojimo makes your learning more interactive than ever before. Copying out lines from a textbook is something that was introduced in the 19th century, what else do we still use from the 19th century? The horse and carriage? The steam train? The telegraph? The short answer, none of the above. So isn’t it time you ditched the two century old textbook and converted to something more fun, more compelling, more engaging with an app that will make a real difference to your grades.