Be visual!

Creating visual prompts such as mind maps is not only a welcome break from filling out yet another past-paper or lines upon lines of note taking but they help you to remember as well! Studies show that mind maps can aid with memory up to 32%; so why not ditch the blue ink scrawled notes on white paper and replace it with a colourful memory-aid instead?

Fail to prepare?

Prepare to fail. When feeling the heat of revision; many might dismiss the revision timetable as ‘a waste of time’ and instead try and dig in to a textbook. However this often leads to prioritising either your favourite subject and failing in others, or over-prioritising the subject you struggle in most and ending up with an average, yet disappointing, spread of grades. Making an effective revision timetable allows for you to get the best grades for all your subjects and will leave you feeling proud on results day.

Eat well!

Our founder, George, founded Gojimo during his exam season and the name ‘Gojimo’ actually comes from the exam superfood ‘goji berries’ which are used in traditional Chinese medicine to boost concentration levels as well as being used by many students hoping for a grade boost. If hoping for a miracle from eating a berry doesn’t appeal to you; there are plenty of other ways eating well can aid your performance. One being to stay hydrated; it is generally recommended to drink 8-10 cups of water a day in order to maintain optimum levels of concentration but you can also absorb water through milk and tea. It’s best to stay away from fizzy drinks though; sudden sugar rushes can lead to a slump in energy; that’s the last thing you want when you’re walking into a boring exam hall…with boring invigilators and boring… zzzzzz

Mix it up a bit.

We’re living in an age that other generations could only of dreamed of in terms of information and revision tools. Where our parents would have had to go to a library and get out an encyclopedia to revise; we have Google, Youtube, Soundcloud and Podcasts! Just because it isn’t on paper doesn’t mean it’s not revision; try searching your phone’s app store for your subject area. Or you could download Gojimo and try one of the 1000s of interactive Matric revision quizzes on your phone. Who said being on your phone had to be a waste of time?

In the run up to what are probably the most defining tests of your life so far this might seem like a difficult thing to do. However it is important to be able to switch off and take yourself away from your work. Techniques include putting yourself 100% into whatever else you’re doing; if that’s playing rugby after revision; then only think about playing rugby. It’s important to avoid anxiety where possible as stress is shown to negatively affect exam results and anxiety can actually be contagious. This means you should stay away from negativity and panickers if you’re going to ace your exam!