We are already halfway through April and June exams are around the corner. Long nights of cramming lie ahead.

I don’t know about you, but when I am in study mode I feel snacky.

It is always convenient to go for the potato chips, chocolates, jelly sweets and fast food to ‘spare’ precious study time. But, this is not helping anyone.

During exam your brain is working harder than usual to cram in more information, thus it – and you – need proper nourishment and TLC (tender loving care) to survive examinations. Plus, we could all do with fewer calories. Am I right?

Here are a few snack ideas that are healthy and affordable. Your brain would appreciate the effort you made to prepare these – it takes less than five minutes each.

  • Apple slices with peanut butter – cut up an apple into slices and smear a generous helping of peanut butter on each slice
  • Provita crackers with Marmite/Bovril and Mozzarella cheese
  • Handful of raisins, dried cranberries, almonds and cashew nuts
  • Vegetables with hummus or cottage cheese dip – slice carrots, cucumber, celery into thin, long slices and add baby tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli or any other raw vegetable to your platter of healthy goodness
  • Bowl of popcorn
  • Take a break from caffeine and try rooibos tea with fresh lemon juice and honey
  • After a hard day of studying, reward yourself with something sweet and yummy

Now don’t eat them all at once – a full tummy makes one sleepy! Every hour or so take a break from the books and feed your brain so it stays awake and alert for the long days of studying.