College is great. It really is. There’s so much to do; so many classes, lectures, parties, hangouts, and more you can do. All while living yourself; traveling, cooking, and more. You’re old enough to do anything and young enough not to know better; you can do anything! See, that’s the problem with college: we don’t have enough sleep, or enough energy to take advantage of it. That’s why I’m here to give you five basic tips to make sure you always have enough energy to do what you want.

1. Plan Your Caffeine

It’s not enough to chug three cups of coffee in the morning; if you want to have optimal energy you need to plan your caffeine; a true caffeine expert knows that too much at once leads to dependency and a crash. So here’s my recommendation.

A: A little caffeine in the morning to get you going. Not too much or you’ll rely on it too heavily. This is to bridge you to waking up natrually.
B: A caffeinated drink to sip on during your most boring class like an I.V. drip.

2. Exercise.

It’s science, yo. After exercising you feel an immediate tiredness that gets replaced by the endorphins of moving that keeps your body alert. After sitting through all your classes yawning, it’s getting the blood pumping that allows you to sleep easier and gives you a steady supply of energy throughout the day. Plus if you force yourself to go to the gym that’s another thing in the day you have to plan to, because if you want energy…

3. Get Busy

It’s ironic, ain’t it? When you have all the time in the world, you can’t lift a finger. Forget well-rested: you’re so well-rested you don’t do anything but rest. It’s a summer of Netflix and Gin, right? But work is momentum. If you want more energy make stuff to do. Even fun stuff: make a commitment. Say yes to everything, plan to meet people for lunch, and suddenly you have reasons not to nap. Moving around and having things to do gives you energy simply because you’re mind is in “work” mode, even for fun things. Momentum, yo. Get into it.

4. Consistant Sleep

I’m not going to tell you to sleep more. If you could, homie, you would. But! What a lot of people don’t know is that even consistant sleep can help you out. It’s getting yourself in a schedule that lets your body prepare and get used to both the amount of sleep you get and the time you wake up and eventually you’ll cycle to it. If you can afford to keep it semi-consistant over the weekends too than you’ll have even more energy throughout the week all while sleeping a touch less. Pretty cool right? So try waking up earlier on a Sunday; paradoxically, it’ll help all your other early wakeups more than sleeping in.