Recently University of Limpopo Entrepreneurial Action Us (Enactus) Student Chapter held an entrepreneurial workshop to comprehend the team training on financial literacy and project management. Enactus, previously known as Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE) is a community of students, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.

As non-profit organization that take along together students, academic and business leaders, who are dyed-in-the-wool, to using the muscle of entrepreneurial action to expand the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Channelled by academic advisors and business experts, the students’ leaders of UL Enactus create and implement community empowerment projects in the contiguous communities.

In his impulse, the veteran co-faculty advisor, Mr Mphahlele, exclaimed that people grow into so concerned about the outcomes rather than the process to their journey’s end. They tend to go speedier than the phases consigned.

“Role doesn’t supersede the goal. The mentality, of benefiting, denies us the opportunity to become meaningful to the society. You will never make the difference before you can become different”, believed Mphahlele.

Enactus UL student chapter established variety of programmes that can aid surrounding communities in becoming sound business people. As in the process, students consider relevant economic, social and environmental factors, which Enactus team must effectively empower people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living. The project ranges from a vegetable garden, financial literacy, recycling, and education to investments.

In the end, prospective financiers were given a touch to smile about. The Enactus South Africa Start Your Business Programme (E-SYB) introduced a programme that will ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Enactus members to awaken their true potential.

The objectives of the programme is to help Enactus Members to exit their university education, as better prepared individuals with an understanding of entrepreneurship as a possible career choice. The registration process is conducted online. And a R300 commitment fee is required for the course, but will be returned upon completion with extra R200. The website is

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