Many schools, parents, colleges and universities encourage 2014 students to apply to their chosen tertiary institutions as early as possible. You might be thinking “what is the fuss about?”, mainly because you have tons of 2013 Matric commitments, responsibilities, activities and studies that you might want to focus on. Many colleges and universities open for applications in April and application deadlines can come as soon as 30 July. Here are 6 reasons to get you applying now:

Reason 1: Faster Application Feedback

Because there are less applications being submitted to the administration office, you might get a response a bit sooner. If you apply in June, your application may be submitted along with thousands of other students’ and you might get a delayed response.

Reason 2: Pressure

If you receive early acceptance to your chosen college or university, you will have one less thing to worry about – and an important one at that – when you are trying to prepare for your preliminary or final exams.

Reason 3: Applying For Accommodation

Many colleges and universities only consider applications for student housing and accommodation, once you have been accepted at the institution. If you are planning to study at a college or university away from home, you might need to take the time to plan and make sure you apply early enough to get a spot in student housing or accommodation.

Reason 4: Options

By applying early, you can ensure that you have options available. Many colleges and universities will allow you to change your degree or diploma after being accepted as long as you fulfill the requirements. And, if you change your mind completely, you still have time to do something about it.

Reason 5: Running Out Of Spots

Universities and colleges often have a limited number of places available in the program. This often depends on resources. By applying early, you can be sure that “we are unfortunately full for the current year of study” will not be a reason featured on your application feedback.

Reason 6: Financial Assistance

As soon as you have a letter of acceptance from your college or university, you will be able to contact us to find out how we can assist you. We can give you a study loan to cover your study fees as well as accommodation, textbooks and even a laptop or tablet.

Article issued by Eduloan