The Motsepe Foundation was established in 1999 by business leader Patrice Motsepe and his wife, Dr Precious Motsepe. The principal aim of the Motsepe Foundation is to establish a fund and organisation to provide funding and support for charitable, educational, religious, healthcare and other philanthropic projects and initiatives in order to fight poverty and improve the social and economic conditions of the poor, unemployed and marginalised persons and communities.The Mostepe Foundation invites individuals to apply for the foundation’s bursary opportunities.

Applications for educational funding

The 23 Motsepe Foundation Development Forums that were launched in all the 9 Provinces of South Africa in 2013 have been receiving applications for funding in:

  • Education
  • Women Cooperatives, SMEs and Businesses
  • Youth Cooperatives, SMEs and Businesses

Partnerships with Religious Organisations, Workers’ Organisations and Traditional Authorities Sports, Music, Arts and Partnerships with Community development and other Charitable Organisations.

Bursary recipients are not expected to pay the Foundation back but serving the country and their communities will suffice.

How can you apply for funding?

Please click here to download the form for Educational Funding for Scholars and Students, complete it and then email it directly to the Secretary of the appropriate District Municipality or Metro-Motsepe Foundation Funding Allocation Committee nearest to you or to [email protected].

Criteria for the Education Funding

Bursary funding will be considered for qualifying students who:

  • Have achieved Educational/Academic Excellence;
  • Come from families in need;
  • Intend to pursue courses preferably related to Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology and Business Studies;

What information is required?

Please attach certified copies of:

  • Your South African ID
  • Your last academic results
  • Letter of acceptance from Educational or Academic Institute and information on fees payable

What is the process?

Applications will first be considered by the appropriate District Municipality or Metro-Motsepe Foundation Education Subcommittee which will then forward successful and approved applications for Educational Funding to its District Municipality or Metro-Motsepe Foundation Funding Allocation Committee for approval.

The 23 District Municipality or Metro Motsepe Foundation Funding Allocation Committees will then submit the successful and approved applications for funding to the Motsepe Foundation for consideration.

The Board of Trustees of the Motsepe Foundation will then consider the Applications for Educational Funding that were successful and were approved by the 23 District Municipality or Metro-Motsepe Foundation Development Forums.

Go to to find more about the foundation and the signed pledge of Patrice and Dr Precious Motsepe, to contribute at least half of the funds generated by Motsepe Family assets to the Motsepe Foundation.

Due to the huge quantity of the applications received for funding in Education, The Motsepe Foundation has extended the deadline for submission of applications to 17h00 on 31 January 2014.