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Having older siblings is amazing. If you are like most firstborns, you probably have had times that you wished you had an older sibling. That is because it not only means that you have a lifetime friend, but you have someone who has gone before you and is ready to teach you the loops of life. They will defend and protect you with their lives, but they will also be strict to ensure that you turn out okay. In some cases, older siblings even take up a parental role in younger siblings’ lives.

Sure, they can be a little annoying at times, especially when they are hard on you, but you know that they love you to bits.

Here are some benefits of having older siblings.

1.      They offer guidance

Doing life is like taking an adventure without knowing what you will meet along the way. Having older siblings, however, can be equated to having a roadmap with you. They have been there, done that, and now they are wise with experience. Your chances of making the same mistakes they did are minimized with their guidance. From relationships, parenting, career, finances, older siblings can smell a mistake from afar and guide you accordingly.

2.      They protect you

Life is full of bad and means people. You will meet people who want to use you and then hurt you. You will meet others that are plainly mean and jealous of you. This becomes a less load to deal with when you have an older sibling who can defend you. The coolest part; they are just a phone call away.

3.      They rescue you

Getting in trouble is inevitable in life. Even without looking for trouble, trouble will sometimes find you where you are. The good thing is that your older sibling will be there to rescue you. He or she sure will reprimand you, but you can be sure that your parents will not know about it.

4.      They spoil you

From helping you with your chores to giving you little gifts and nice things, older siblings surely spoil their younger siblings. Older siblings would rather forgo some luxuries in life to ensure that their younger siblings get what they want in life.

If you are lucky to have such a sibling, it is good to spoil them in return as well. Gifts such as quote necklaces are a good way to tell your older siblings that you’re there for them too. In your gift engrave a motivational or moving quote that will always remind them of you!

5.      Your parents are experienced

Your parents have probably seen it all with your older siblings. They have yelled, reprimanded until they got a better way to handle situations. When it is finally your turn, your parents have already refined their parenting skills. They have stopped being overprotective, and are more likely to have set you free to follow your dreams. Definitely sucks to be your older sibling because it’s with them your parents went through all the parental trial and error, and you get to experience none of that. This is all thanks to your older siblings that didn’t have it as good as you do, so make sure to be appreciative!

6.      They are your support system

We all want that one person we can run to for refuge when life serves us nasty situations. Having older siblings gives you exactly that. When you experience a breakup, you are fired from your job or flop in your exams, you can always run to your older siblings for a shoulder to lean on. They will be there with you giving you the assurance that all will turn out well, and will do anything to help you out. Your older brother will let you crash in his place until you get back on your feet. Your older sister will literally become a parent to your kids or your housekeeper until you are able to gather yourself up again.

7.      They are your cheerleader

Even when you totally believe in yourself, you will need a person who will cheer you up the journey so you can reach your dreams. It doesn’t matter whether you are into sports, dancing, or public speaking, you can count on your older siblings to attend your practices or events. They will find other ways to show you support when they can’t be there physically.

8.      They give honest feedback

When you are pitching for a business idea, pursuing love or other life interests, it helps to have people who can give you honest feedback. A younger sibling can sugarcoat it probably out of fear, but you can trust an older sibling to say it as it is.

Final word

The list is endless of what having older siblings benefits your life. If you are blessed with one, don’t be quick to think that he or she is obligated to do these things. Be sure to always show appreciation whenever he or she comes through for you.