Not only is punctuality a reflection on your character (being on time shows others that you care), but it can also make or break your chances of getting a job (have you ever heard of someone landing a job when they arrived to the interview 30 minutes late?). “You’re creating a reputation for yourself, and it’s not the best reputation to be establishing,” says psychologist Linda Sapadin, PhD, author of Master Your Fears. “People feel they can’t trust or rely on you, so it impacts relationships.”

We don’t try to be late on purpose, so there must be some logical reason…right? For those who are sick of being tardy to the party, here are the top reasons why you’re having trouble getting out the door on time and how you can manage your schedule so you’ll never have to keep someone waiting again.

Are you disorganized?

Let’s be honest: when you’re really late for something (especially if it’s important), you end up getting to your destination feeling flustered, frustrated and maybe even a little frantic, which are the last things you want to feel when you’re getting ready for a job interview or the first day of class. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you’re organized. Print out the directions to your destination the night before (and make sure you understand them) and not five minutes before you leave, when you realize you’re out of printer ink. Pick out your outfit and lay out your clothes ahead of time to avoid wasting an hour looking for an unwrinkled jersey in the morning. Take a trip to the petrol station the day before to make sure your petrol tank is full so you don’t have to worry about running out as you’re driving. By planning ahead and taking a few extra minutes of preparation, you can prevent yourself from sweating later.