Young entrepreneurs under 35 have a chance to take part in a unique Youth Enterprise Development Programme. In this hands on, practical programme, they will start a company, incubator-style with access to professional support.

If you are an enthusiastic self starter, this programme is for you. The ideal candidate has no work obligations and is not studying full time. The course lasts some three to four months. Over this period, students will be introduced to an array of entrepreneurial concepts. These concepts will inspire them and build their business confidence.

All candidates must be eager to start their own business and be prepared to make a small financial investment essential to understanding the entrepreneurial concepts.

Participants will also be introduced to micro-finance institutions to enhance their options for funding their business once they complete the course. Different support resources, such as business mentorship, will be explained in detail to students.

At a time when there are so many talk shops, the Youth Enterprise Development Programme ensures students are not just given skills on paper. They are shown how to implement them and supported throughout. This a truly unique entrepreneurial programme which is likely to produce confident, empowered young people.

“Junior Achievement South Africa is like an umbrella to those who want to get involved in business because they offer an important support structure.” Said Yanga Twazi, Youth Enterprise Development Programme Alumnus 2012.

Junior Achievement South Africa (JASA) is playing an important role by preparing young people for life after school. It does this by raising their awareness of economic issues. It teaches them not just entrepreneurial skills, but also crucial life skills.

This course provides the students with an understanding of the business world and enhances their sense of personal responsibility.

JASA has been operating in South Africa for 33 years. This year, JASA will run 17 life changing Youth Enterprise Development Programmes nationally with youth between the ages of 18 and 35

The Youth Enterprise Development Programme will guide students along the path to personal success by teaching them how to:

  • Grow interpersonal skills and
  • Be a valuable member of any team
  • Manage time, business ethics, business planning and
  • How to handle or create business functions
  • How to build an understanding of market research,
  • Operations planning and management
  • Take control of their finances, marketing and branding;
  • Handle problems with integrity and wisdom, and
  • Make decisions in high pressure situations.

The Youth Enterprise Development Programme is richly layered, educational and takes passionate young achievers and teach them how to establish a sustainable business.

Article issued by: Young Business Leaders