Postgraduate study is often the time when everyone starts feeling the pressure and the wheels kind of fall off a bit. I’ve noticed some common symptoms within postgrad students, namely:

  • You have used basically every PC in the computer lab at least once.
  • You treat your laptop as if it were your first-born child.
  • Realizing your day hasn’t been productive enough causes dramatic hyperventilation.
  • Your friends’ conversations about Suits, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and Dexter do not ring ANY bells.
  • You sit down at your computer and can’t actually decide which assignment you should be working on..
  • You get cold sweats at night about your impending deadlines.
  • You see your classmates more than your housemates.
  • You take packed lunches to campus.
  • You go to the computer lab on the day of your res dance.