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Wits claims 5 of top 10 positions an scores a 97% pass rate in Part 1 of exams written by prospective chartered accountants.

The final results of the 2012 national examinations written by prospective chartered accountants have been released and Wits graduates have achieved spectacular success in the exams set by the independent industry body, the South African Institute for Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

Five of the top 10 positions in Part 1 of the SAICA exam have been claimed by graduates from the School of Accountancy which has also scored a phenomenal first time pass rate of 97%.

Acting Head of the School, Prof. Gary Swartz is delighted with the consistent performance of Witsies in these exams and says: “The top 10 positions are contested by all 14 SAICA accredited universities. It is fantastic to have half of these awarded to Wits graduates all of whom passed with honours. We congratulate the Class of 2012 on yet another superb achievement.”

The Part I examination is the culmination of at least four years of studying and forms one of two final academic hurdles to be crossed in order to qualify as a Chartered Accountant (SA).

Below is a summary of the examination results:

1st attempt pass rate

Wits 97%; national average 86%

Overall pass rate

Wits 92%; national average 73%

Black candidates 1st attempt

Wits 94%; national average 81%

Black candidates overall

Wits 87%; national average 71%

In Part II of the SAICA and IRBA examination results released in February, Wits graduates scooped four of the top 10 positions in the Auditing specialisation, and five of the top 10 in the Financial Management specialisation. The School’s tally of achievements over the years is a testimony of the quality of the Wits education in facilitating success.


  • Wits graduates consistently dominate the top 10 places in the Professional Exams.
  • Wits School of Accountancy has produced 22 top 10 students in the Part 1 Exam over the last nine years – the highest number produced by any single university in South Africa.
  • On average over the last nine years, 89% of Wits graduates have passed the Part 1 ITC exam on the first attempt, compared to a national average across all universities of 73%.
  • The School of Accountancy has a SAICA Level 1 accreditation status, which is the highest level of accreditation awarded by SAICA.

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