The time has arrived to leave your school days behind and get on with the future. As easy as this may be for some, for others it is stressful and daunting. To study immediately or to travel? To work and not study at all? These are questions students have to tackle when entering the ‘adult’ world and it can be extremely difficult. Here is some sound advice for dealing with this challenge.

1. Not everybody has to choose the same route:

A number of students know precisely what they want to do after school and have their career paths all mapped out. Others are battling to make a decision and feel pressured by parents or friends to choose an option right away. Most parents would hit the roof at the idea of their child ‘wasting’ a year abroad when they could be working towards a degree, but there are a great deal of individuals who take a year off to find themselves.  They return, having made a final decision and enter into University a bit older and a bit wiser. These young adults often do not fall into the party/ freedom trap that results in so many having to redo a year of studies.

2. Ask for Advice:

When faced with the nerve wracking decision about your future, you may have tons of questions you need answers to but want to handle things on your own. Take a minute and realize that you are still on the road to adulthood and even adults need advice at times. Ask your parents, friends, relatives, even a school counsellor that you trust for opinions on the issues you are struggling with. You may find some very useful tools to aid you in your decisions.

3. Do what You want to do:

Your siblings and friends may have decided on their careers, but you don’t have to right away. You also don’t have to do what your parents or friends think you should be doing. That age old saying “follow your dreams,” has stuck around for a reason. You are at the point in your life where you have the power to affect your entire future. Make the decision that will make you happy, as you will most likely have to spend many years in this position.

4. You Can Change Your Mind:

A great deal of students enter into a study course because their parents have pushed them towards a certain career path, or they have decided to study one thing and after a year realized that their passion lies elsewhere. Many young adults feel they have to see things through due to financial issues or fear of disappointing others, but this should not be the deciding factor. Yes, it does cost money to switch to a new course, but it costs a lot less than completing a four year course only to then begin a new one. Remember: we all have the right to follow our dreams and passions and you deserve to enjoy your working life.

5. Dedicate Yourself:

As much as you may not wish to hear this particular piece of advice, it is very true. Once you have made a choice and set up a plan of action for your future, stick to it. The choices you make are in fact affecting the rest of your life and you are the master of your own destiny. When you have chosen your path, commit yourself to making a success of it.

We hope these tips have aided you with the myriad of decisions that you are being faced with at this slightly scary, but very exciting time. Good luck and enjoy the life you choose to lead!