By Lesego Kantani
Field of Study: Bcomm Accounting
Place of study: Rhodes University
Going into University, we are all excitesm Freedom, parties, no parents, new friends, new chapter of life and a new course. But we forget about the jump between high school and University.
My first week there I missed high school already, I felt like I was in this big ocean, with no life saver jacket and I had to learn how to survive and if the waves left me, it was hard to catch up.Teachers at high school jept telling us that varsity is no child play and not everthing is going to be handed to us on a silver platter, we brushed all that aside and got a rude awakenning, when the lecturer would tell us about an assignment that was due the next week, which we didn’t know anything about, cause we had to go read the course outline and find out about it.
There is a Big jump between high school and university, whether you come from a private school or a governement school, we all see “flames” together. It is important to always stay ahead and not get left behind because once you are left behind, it is hard to catch up and that might result you failing the whole semester.
Yes university is fun, there are parties, new friends and no curfews, but you have to have that balance between your social life and academics, that balance is very important and it will help you survive the big ocean that is University.