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Inspiring South Africa’s Future Stars to Dream Big!

The future lies in the hands of the youth. The brilliant young minds who take charge today will be the pioneers of a brighter and better tomorrow. Sadly, of the 1.2 million children who start school every year, only 5% will complete a university degree.

Having someone who believes in you is a powerful motivator that gives you the support you need to realise your full potential.

Sadly, so many of our young South Africans don’t have a powerful support system to keep them working hard to build a better future, when sometimes it’s easier to give up.

That’s why the Future Stars Awards is recognising the future stars out there – those learners willing to stand in long queue’s, walking in the blistering sun to school in the hope of a tertiary education.

By recognising their desire for a brighter future and believing in them, the Future Stars Awards is inspiring these learners to believe in themselves and how the power of education can help them reach their dreams. You have until 30 April 2014 to enter the competition, you do not want to miss out!

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