Vega helps graduates connect with the continent

Vega helps graduates connect with the continent

Every year, a group of out-of-the-box thinkers who are ready to take the branding sceneby storm, graduates from The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) (Pty) Ltd Vega School of Leadership (Vega). Vega is an educational brand of The IIE and is the largest brand institute in South Africa. This is a result of Vega’s belief that brands are the world’s greatest assets for meaningful change and why it aims to lead its students into their potential careers through accredited IIE certificates, degrees, honours and masters programmes in brand building and creative communication offered at Vega.

A great example of a successful 21st century brand thinker is Terry Behan, one of our honours degree graduates.

Behan is a creative thinker, social entrepreneur, author, brand builder, and the managing director of VWV Africa and the Middle East. With the invaluable knowledge that he has acquired from studying at Vega, Behan recently released a book: Connect with the Continent – Understanding key consumer trends across the African Continent right now, that he has written to help aspiring businesses build businesses and brands across the continent. He believes that while many are attempting to create and sustain brands, few have the resources and ability to go about the task properly.

“I realised that there are lots of publications out there that address the macro level opportunity that Africa offers, but very few people have unpacked how to go about unlocking those opportunities at a qualitative level. I want this book to help entrepreneurs and businesses understand the ins and outs of building brands on the African continent. People are aware that Africa has great potential for business because it has rich deposits of minerals and other resources. However, people do not understand that good branding can revolutionise a product or service,” says Behan.

Vega continues to shape many of South Africa’s brand geniuses as they understand that brands are crucial to elevate and differentiate products or services. In addition, brands give consumers a reason to choose specific products over their competitors. In short, Vega strongly believes that better perceptions outsell better products.

Graduates like Behan are able to share their testimonies on how the world of branding has opened their minds to the luxury and artistry of brand power. Studying at Vega has also taught them that without the correct insight, a brand, product or idea will never really hit the mark.

“I came into Vega as a mature student, with about 15 years’ experience already under my belt. However, my time there taught me to listen better and see with new eyes. My time at Vega has taught me how to rethink and reimagine the world I operate in. Vega has rejuvenated my passion for building brands,” Behan concludes.

Vega is calling on all those out-of-the-box thinkers who aspire to build brand empires and those who long to live their lives unafraid to make use of its study opportunities. If you think you have what it takes to make a mark across the continent and globally, Vega has a seat with your name on it.

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