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Article by Simuphiwe Mkhwanazi for the ACE Matric Guide
Confusion is the number one reason for any mistake initiated in the world. When an individual is in two minds, ones future can always take a nose dive. Success is a journey, and not a destination.
Your phone beeps; a text message appears on display it’s a party invitation at Trevor’s apartment. Trevor is the rich guy at school and the most popular guy on campus. This being a dream that many students cannot afford to live by. Everyone will be there, even the girl that you fancy. Aware of the fact those exams begin, but you are craving to go. But then this is your only chance at a bursary, a chance to enjoy varsity freely.

You begin to be filled with anger because you feel your parents are cheating you of a good life. The good, carefree life that Trevor leads. You blame them for not being able to buy you a car so as to secure your position in amongst the elite members of the university.
One would ask themselves repeatedly why it is impossible to conform to the perfect student life. This then later leads to one being in a negative state of mind. Harsh judgment then floods the mind. Another decision is what to wear, yet another hindrance. The finest threads of worshiped brands. Something you don’t have. Your white Mr. Price jacket and faded hand-me-down Levi’s, and a pair of sneakers you received two years back on Christmas day… This would never compare to Trevor’s Nike and puma clothing.
Shortly the next text message received comes from mom. It read’s, ” My son, I am proud of you. One day you will become a respected man for your trials, and patience towards them. Good night and God bless. Good luck for tomorrow”. At that monetary it hits you. You being there is not for the benefit of others, it is for yourself. All varsity is, is a stepping stone to what you are about to become. It allows one to define one’s character and mold a young person into an adult.
You graduate! Finally it is over. Five years later you decide to spoil yourself with the latest pair of sneakers. An assistant calls behind you to offer some help. As you turn around with the usual smile you wear, you discover that the voice belongs to Trevor. The guy who had it all. Once a high flying socialite turns to be a sales assistant for life. Making the decision to stay behind and pass up the invite to that party paid off. After all it was his parents money and not his own. This proving that one should rather choose to be labelled a “loser” in university, rather than being a loser for the rest of your life.

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