New years resolutions fo studying?

Every year people vow to go to the gym, quit smoking and cut the junk food out of their lives. They say they’ll be nicer this year and work harder or spend more time with their families. Most of the time these resolutions are far gone by 1 February. There are some resolutions, however, that every student should make this year.

Go to every class

Okay, so this may not be entirely possible. But at least try to go to every class. You may be able to get notes from your friends but nothing beats hearing it straight from the lecturer. If you attend almost every class you’ll learn the material as you go along and won’t be stuck trying to catch up when it comes to exam time. You’re also paying a lot of money for those classes so it makes sense to use them properly.

Don’t just study, learn

There is a difference between studying and learning. In the grand scheme of things, it’s more important to familiarise yourself with the subjects and truly absorb the information than merely pass your exams and forget everything you’ve studied. So, try to interact with the subject matter and adopt new skills and knowledge while you’re studying.

Don’t burn yourself out

Many students make the mistake of working themselves into a frenzy during exam time or ahead of massive projects. And then they burn themselves out. Remember this important phrase: slow and steady wins the race. Work throughout the term and plan ahead – whether it’s you’re designing new women’s underwear for a fashion assignment or keeping meticulous notes for your history course.
Most importantly, make time to relax. Whether you’re into breathing exercises and yoga classes or you prefer to hike up mountains first thing in the morning, make sure you take time for yourself. This doesn’t include partying hard (although you should let loose once in a while as well). It’s important to rest your mind so you can perform academically when you need to.

Treat yourself

Reward yourself for your hard work. Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself something special like that new book you’ve been eyeing out. Or, if you prefer, go for a weekend away with friends. It’s about treating yourself after you’ve worked particularly hard. So, after you’ve finished your exams or your final project, do something for yourself. Not many people actually keep their New Year resolutions, but these goals shouldn’t be too hard to stick to. They’re all important things you should do as a student so that you can shine academically.