Online education company, GetSmarter, has launched its 2014 Career Guide. This annual publication is a practical guide in support of life-long learning and career growth, available for free download at The guide aims to help South African working professionals successfully navigate the changing modern career landscape, through the provision of an easy-to-follow, action-oriented process.

GetSmarter has designed its second annual Career Guide as the cornerstone for working professionals to build confidence in developing an ambitious and realistic career action plan in the modern world of work. Across ages, whether currently in full-time employment, self-employed or dreaming of making a change, this practical guide will help individuals develop an ambitious and realistic career action plan for the New Year.
A career is no longer what it used to be. The modern work environment presents new challenges and exciting opportunities, but career success now requires an active and strategic approach. Sam Paddock, Co-CEO of GetSmarter, provides insight into the 2014 career climate: “In our daily dealings with students, we are seeing more and more that the modern career in 2014 is forged by a path on which autonomy, mastery, and purpose intersect to achieve personal meaning.”
Today, the responsibility for career development has shifted to the individual. Career development has become an active process of identifying market needs, defining personal intentions, pursuing self-development as a project, and engaging in personal brand marketing.
The GetSmarter 2014 Career Guide leads readers through a step-by-step process to successfully navigate the changing modern career landscape, from the assessment of personal aspirations, to skills and abilities in the context of the modern working environment. The guide provides understanding to the changing nature of a career; identifying career wants and needs; and setting realistic and ambitious goals to achieve these.
This practical guide provides the tips and tools for readers to:

  • Conduct a career audit
  • Understand the new rules for career
  • Discover career priorities and identify career assets
  • Develop a career action plan
  • Establish personal branding
The GetSmarter 2014 Career Guide is available for free download at
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