iPads and tablets seem to be trending recently, these are cool gadgets and can get the job done at your preferred convenience. Along with these comes laptops, computers, kindles and cell phones, while some use them for social media, streaming movies, taking pictures and playing games, some simply prefer to use the devices to get their work done. The truth is; the world has become technology dependent and we all need to keep up.

Technology has become a large part of my everyday life; from the constant tweeting and emailing to skyping with friends or colleagues in other countries and connecting with the rest of the world on Facebook, Google+ and other platforms, I’ve had a great social experience with technology.

Above all technology has had a major influence on my education, computers have made my life easy for typing assignments, as well as using the internet for completing my research projects. iPads are very handy, I’ve have used apps like AC Class Notes for recording audios of my lectures and meetings on my iPad. I am also able to read books on the iPad. I don’t have to walk around with my heavy textbooks anymore, I can now have quick and easy access to them on the iPad and I am even able to make annotations on the book/ textbook saved as a pdf document. A feature that I like on the iPad is the dictionary readily available as you read along without any internet access required.

A great deal about using all these devices is that I can link all my devices; so whatever work I’ve done on my laptop I can synchronise it to my iPad and phone and continue from where I had left off on the one device to the other.

Because the world has become dependent on technology it is important that learners/students are geared up with the relevant and latest technology that will help them succeed in their studies. Most universities make computer literacy mandatory for first year students; these have shown to aid students into developing them to become self-directed learners and tech-savvy students

When teachers/lecturers become open to using technology in the classroom, learning becomes easier, the class becomes a happier place and students become excited about being able to use the tools they like for learning, thereby encouraging student engagement and participation. Students become more apt to learn, therefore moving away from the traditional passive learning and students have access to resources like digital textbooks that are constantly updated helping them to get good grades.

Using so many devices for your work comes with a lot of responsibility, so handle your devices with care and keep them safe, have them insured if possible and always remember your passwords and/or credentials.