Together we pass

Together we pass

#StudyTip No. 1 – Be Organised

  • Write down the 3 most important tasks you need to get done for the day and make sure you finish them while keeping in mind that it is best to do one thing at a time.

#StudyTip No. 2 – Have a Study Plan

  • Plan to work slowly and steadily through the study material and give yourself enough time to ensure that you understand everything properly before moving onto the next section.

#StudyTip No. 3 – Know How You Should Be Studying

  • You should know the format of your exam paper you will be writing before you start studying – multiple choice exam answers require a different type of learning then essay questions or calculations based exams.

#StudyTip No. 4 – Have the Correct Editions of Textbooks

  • Wait until you have registered and received information from Unisa about which edition of the text book that you need before you buy them, especially if you are buying second hand books.

#StudyTip No. 5 – Go Through All the Study Material

  • Study the entire study guide and go through the chapters that they recommend in the text book.

#StudyTip No. 6 – Have your Assignment Questions Next to you while you Study

  • Read through the assignment questions before you start studying a chapter.

#StudyTip No. 7 – Do Assignment 3 for your Module

  • If you are not sure how to tackle assignment 3 you can always ask your lecturer or a tutor. Remember to ask how to solve the concept and not how to solve the question.

#StudyTip No. 8 – Join a Study Group

  • Students in study groups tend to answer more questions correctly. You might think that people in study groups spend time chatting and socialising, but the opposite is true.

#StudyTip No. 9 – Know where you have gone wrong

  • When you get your assignments back look to see where you went wrong and if possible go through old exam papers again and again until you get it right.

 #StudyTip No. 10 – Ask the UNISA lecturers if you are unsure

  • UNISA Lecturers are paid to answer your questions and help you in any way that they can.
  • When emailing your UNISA lecturer, remember to include your student number in the subject heading.

#StudyTip No. 11 – Have enough time for revision

  • Revision is going through assignment 3, additional examples and old exam papers and ANSWERING THEM UNDER EXAM CONDITIONS!!

#StudyTip No. 12 – Eat Properly & Get Enough Sleep during Exams

  • You will be stressed already so don’t add to that stress by drastically changing your sleeping habits or suddenly eating nothing but junk food.

#StudyTip No. 13 – Remember that studying is only one aspect of your life

  • Studying for your future is just a small part of your life and you need to experience it all to the full – don’t shut yourself away from friends or family because you are have study commitments, instead build these events into your schedule and give yourself time to relax and laugh as that is also vital.

#StudyTip No. 14 – Don’t worry about other people’s progress or study schedule

  • Everyone studies at a different pace and someone studying full time will make more progress than someone studying part time.
  • Some people may also be doing a supplementary exam and therefore will only concentrate on the areas they are weak in.

Written by Tabitha Bailey

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