Thousands of first-years will descend on Stellenbosch University next week to start their university careers. Here are some tips given by senior students, and tweeted on Twitter with the hashtag #Tips4NewMaties.

First-years are welcome to follow the following accounts: @Matiesstudents, @StellenboschUni, @StelSRc, @fvzs en @Stelstudpar.

Stellenbosch Studpar @Stelstudpar

#Tips4newmaties Many of you took part in leadership at your schools and in your communities. Please choose to be active@matiesstudents

#Tips4newmaties As First years we need you to understand that you are not voiceless or superfluous. Your input is valuable and needed

#Tips4newmaties Be yourself, choose to exit your comfort zone and be open to new experiences! It’s also ok to say ‘No thank you’

Adriaan Louw @adriaanhlouw

#Tips4NewMaties You’ll study in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Appreciate it

Janelle @JanelleH_27

If your hometown is close to Sbosch, don’t go home every weekend. The most unexpected experiences happen over weekends#Tips4NewMaties

Dumisani Mahlangu @Dumirocks

Befriend BA students. They are the one who will help you with cover/motivational letters cometh the hour. #Tips4NewMaties

Shomane Mathiba @ShomaneM

We treat everyone with dignity, irrespective of skin colour, gender, faith or sexual orientation. Make it your ideal.#Tips4NewMaties

Maxine Bezuidenhout @MsMaxBex

There comes a time, around August, last time to load quota. Make sure you load enough. When it’s done, the struggle is real#Tips4NewMaties

Do not ever take the second opp. Do not. Ever. #Tips4NewMaties

Tendani Amira Sidogi @Tendy01

#Tips4NewMaties as much as there are clubs just around the corner, there are a lot of churches as well.

Farah Fredericks @farahstar23

#Tips4NewMaties get involved in campus activities, become a student ambassador, volunteer with MGD, join a sport club

JC Landman @jc_landman

My number one #Tips4NewMaties: know your student number by heart — now already! You’re going to use this for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Learn what HEMIS is and how it works. That one is not a myth. #Tips4NewMaties

Elisma Ackermann @ElismaAckermann

#Tips4NewMaties Always appear calm, the printers can sense when you are in a hurry. They WILL take their schweet time.

Jogi’s Welt @ Jogis11

#Tips4NewMaties get yourself a fan and a heater! You’ll thank me later

Lize van der Merwe @Lizeeee__

The saddest thing you can do is leave the university with just a degree.Explore, broaden your horisons, learn, take chances!#Tips4NewMaties

Fredrick Kotzé @FredKotze89

#Tips4NewMaties Start networking as soon as possible! In a modern society, just having a degree is not enough anymore.#contacts @fvzs

Faith Pienaar @Pienaar101

If you can sing or hold a note, join your residence or PSO ser group, it will be one of the best things you do at varsity.#Tips4NewMaties

Lezahn Beukus @lezahn

#tips4newmaties Remember to click ‘6 slides per page’ before printing slides. NB!

Hendrikvh @hendrikvh

#Tips4newmaties Don’t take advice from other students. Especially when they’re repeating the subject.

Jethro Georgiades @jethroGG

Get involved, be proactive and make the #matiesexperience your own. Do this and you will reap the rewards! #Tips4NewMaties@fvzs @lbvr

James Karayiannis @JVKaras_17

It doesn’t matter if your in Res or PSO, your #matiesexperience is what YOU make of it. @VestaPSOManswyk @StellenboschUni#Tips4NewMaties

Clinton du Preez @Cleintoon

#Tips4NewMaties In Stellies, when it rains, it pours. Come prepared with a huge umbrella. In fact, a gazebo will work better.@StelSRc

Martin Becker @martinbckr

#Tips4NewMaties if you skip tutorials you might just as well head home now

Nadine Moodie @NadineMoodie1

#Tips4NewMaties make friends with smart people in your class and start study groups as early as possible. #Academicsfirst

Article issued by Stellenbosch University