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Ready, little monsters? Put your paws, er, calculators up! That’s what these Lady Gaga loving teens from Streetsboro High School in Ohio ask students to do in “Derive This Way,” their parody of the singer’s hit track “Born This Way.”
Students formed the group Daddy Tack and the Crackerjacks and created the above song and video for their end-of-year calculus project. Lead singer Jordan Genovese catchily belts out the math-inspired chorus:
“Cause I can integrate, derive 2x+8, I use the chain rule, baby I derive this way! Remember what Newton said to find approximations, and use the chain rule, baby I derive this way!”
The production values aren’t high (these kids are in high school) but Genovese actually has a pretty good voice. And it’s great to see that their calculus teacher let them combine their love of pop music with academics. The entire class will probably never forget how to find a derivative.
Article by GOOD