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Eight students of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s French subject group and the Department of Journalism, Media and Philosophy took part in a two-week intensive training course in multimedia journalism hosted by renowned French journalism trainer, Patrick Lenormand. The course culminated in the creation of a blog in French and English about the impact of the 2010 World Cup.

The blog, which can be accessed at, features articles in French and English, audio recordings, video clips, photographs and slideshows about the event produced by the students participating in the project. The focus is on the story behind the scenes rather than the results of the event.

The training forms part of a joint project between the university, the French Embassy and the Alliance Française. Funding for the project was obtained from the French Embassy with the assistance of the Alliance Française and the NMMU Trust. This is the fourth year of the project. In previous years the students published blogs on the Ironman South Africa event in preparation for the coverage of the Soccer World Cup this year.

The French Embassy has previously funded infrastructure for the French subject group such as the creation of a multimedia room as well as offering bursaries to students to attend journalism training courses or to teach English as a foreign language in France. The NMMU Trust provided the funding for the payment of the trainer, while the French Embassy is funding his travel and accommodation.

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