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Student News

How She Got There: Colette Malouf, Luxury Fashion Accessory Designer

Dream Job: Luxury Fashion Accessory Designer. Colette Tells You How To Get There

Student News

I wish I had worked in my industry, developed relationships with people and learned how things work before I started to run a company just out of school, not knowing anything and or anyone. View [+]
Student jobs for minimum wage South Africa

26 Reasons Why Your Minimum Wage Job Is Worth It

Student News

Sometimes it might feel like you’re the only student who didn’t trade a paycheck for an unpaid internship, but you’re not alone, and you definitely shouldn’t regret it. The next time your best friend brags about her glamorous internship in the big city, remind yourself (or her, if you’re feeling feisty) of why your low-paying, unskilled job is 100 percent worth it: View [+]
download free textbooks for university

Sick of Paying for Textbooks? Get Them Now, Free and Online

Student News

In the same way that free open online courseware is threatening to disrupt traditional universities, open textbook initiatives such as OpenStax College from Rice University threaten to do the same to the traditional textbook market. View [+]
how to stress less at college or university

What's Stressing Out This Generation? Do You Also Stress About These Things?

Student News

See what is stressing Millennials and what can be done about it. View [+]
Free health advice for women and ladies

Ladies, A Website dedicated to Womens Health. Check This Out

Student News

Two twenty-something Ivy League grads were fed up with ill-advised health tips from friends and fruitless Google searches, so they decided to build a digital home for the kind of trustworthy medical advice they couldn't find. View [+]
Le Clos stuns Phelps, wins Olympic gold

Le Clos stuns Phelps, wins Olympic gold

Student News

South Africa's Chad le Clos stunned 200 metres butterfly king Michael Phelps in London on Tuesday night, snatching gold to end the American legend's attempt to win a third successive Olympic title in his signature event. View [+]
Maties university Stellenbosch

Students Celebrate Matie Week

Student News

A campaign to support fellow-Maties financially; “Wyn oppi Rooiplein”; an endurance challenge and a “Soen vir Groen” (Kiss for Green) event. These are some of the exciting events that Matie students at Stellenbosch University (SU) will be involved in during the annual ABSA Matie Week organised by the Student Representative Council (SRC) View [+]
Free skills development workshops Johannesburg Gauteng

BHP Billiton Skills Development Summit 2012

Student News

While South Africa was spared the worst effects of the global crisis which hit many developed and emerging market economies in 2008, it is crucial that the country prepares for the possibility that this may not always be the case. View [+]
National Science Week dates for 2012

Public Urged to Participate in National Science Week

Student News

National Science Week celebrations, led by the Department of Science and Technology, will kick off next week with a number of opportunities available for the public to participate. View [+]
Student guide to the summer London Olympics 2012

Your Guide to the Summer Olympics

Student News

A comprehensive overview of the Olympics would not be complete without an actual definition of what it is, so we’ll start there. The Olympics is the world’s most prestigious international athletic competition, in which thousands of athletes from around the globe who qualified for their nation’s team participate in events for the sport they play. View [+]


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