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Student News

Clipper World Race

The #ChangeYourWorld Story of Lazarus

Student News

Lazarus Tshikovhi was 23 years old when he was selected to participate in the Clipper round the World Yacht race. Here's his story on how he changed his world. View [+]
Happy students

How to actively immerse yourself in your studies


From the moment you step into your first lecture, there is urgent need to succeed. Your career aspirations and attitude towards learning should not diminish with the increasing pressures of student life. View [+]
Student studying

Higher Certificates - Providing a foot in the higher education door

Student News

Many of last year’s matriculants now find themselves in a situation where their plans to study towards a degree this year were thwarted by marks which didn’t allow them to make the cut. But an education expert says that there is still a way for those who remain determined to study towards a bachelor’s degree: that of pursuing a Higher Certificate, which will allow them to take the next step without having to repeat their matric. View [+]

Eduloan congratulates 2014 matriculants


Eduloan congratulates matriculants of 2014. A strong education foundation enables the youth to fulfil on their mandate of being a positive change agent for the economy “Bearing witness to our youth’s successes motivates us, as an organisation, to continuously develop innovative ways of assisting those in need to gain access to education finance”, says Eduloan Chief Executive Officer Totsie Memela-Khambula. View [+]
Ndalo Hlatshwayo Award

In memory of excellence – Ivy Academy presents the Ndalo Hlatshwayo Award

Boston City Campus and Business College

Inspired by one student’s determination and commitment in the face of overwhelming challenges, Ivy Academy created the Ndalo Hlatshwayo Award. It takes a special kind of person to have an award named after you, and Ndalo Hlatshwayo was exactly that. View [+]

5 Tips to conquer your first year of university


This is an exciting time. There will be a lot of get used to in the beginning but by next year you’ll be a pro. Your first year of student life is all about adjusting to on-campus student life, time management and course work. View [+]
Student Accomodation

Top tips for choosing student accommodation

Student News

Setting your child up for tertiary education seems like a lot of hurrying up and waiting and then panicking to tick everything off the to-do list in the few days immediately after matric results are announced. View [+]

Ikamvanites do it again!

Student News

IkamvaYouth learners are celebrating great matric results; once again these township youth have achieved results that far surpass the national averages, showing that the odds can indeed be overcome. View [+]
Lead SA

The Matric Results are out - What now?

Student News

Congratulations to the Matric Class of 2014 for achieving an impressive overall 75.8% pass rate! To those who didn't pass or didn't receive the results they had hoped for, do not despair – you have many options available to help you to improve your marks. View [+]
Courses for becoming Project Manager

There are courses and courses for becoming Project Manager – get the right one!


A Project Manager is a critical part of most businesses. Being in charge of a project for your organisation can be stressful, but with the right training you can rest assured that you’ll be able to perform well. View [+]


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