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Student News

Tips for a student to make money

Top 7 Tips on how to make money as a Student

Student News

Students have busy schedules and loads to focus on, but still need some time out to be social and enjoy themselves. How do we do this when the old parental ATM is no longer so accommodating? View [+]

The Young CFO

Student News

A survey was conducted by ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in a report entitled Sustainability and Business. Read more on this international accounting report done among students. View [+]
University of Johannesburg

UJ community inspired to reach for excellence

University of Johannesburg (UJ)

"The day you discover your purpose, you will not work another day in your life" says Mr Linda Ntuli. View [+]
Why you need a maths tutor

Why You Need a Maths Tutor

Student News

There are tutors available for all subjects taught in schools as well as Universities, however, the most sought after lessons are for Maths tuition. Why is this so? Read on as we highlight the top 5 reasons why a Maths tutor and extra Maths lessons in South Africa is a must. View [+]
Supply Chain and Logistics Management degree

There are many advantages in doing a supply chain management course


Planning and managing the movement of goods and raw materials for a company in an efficient way is a vital part of a business. By doing a supply chain management course you will be assisting your company in making its logistics operations as efficient as possible. View [+]
Bachelor of Accounting Science

The link between a BCompt degree, death and taxes and a jet-set life


Roughly three hundred years ago Daniel Defoe wrote that there are only two things certain in life, death and taxes. But that’s only because he didn’t know about the success that comes with a BCompt degree. View [+]
Psychology Degree at Varsity College

What are your career prospects with a psychology degree?


A psychology degree is not for everyone, but choosing to complete one can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Here are five reasons why you should definitely consider doing one: View [+]
Worldskills South Africa

WorldSkills SA show is taking place in Cape Town

Student News

The WorldSkills SA National Competition provides attendees with real life examples of what to expect from Manufacturing Technology, Social and Professional services to IT and Business Administration industries. Click here for more information on what to expect: View [+]
Matric Career Expo

Hisense powers 3RCs RockingFuture Career Expos

Student News

RockingFuture is a high energy, educational, inspirational and motivating platform that encourages matric learners to make informed decisions about their careers and life after school. 3RC’s RockingFuture Career Expos are aimed at matriculants in upper LSM schools across South Africa. View [+]
Distance learning in South Africa

1000 South African High School Graduates to Access Free Degrees Online

Student News

University of the People’s President, Shai Reshef has announced 1 000 places for South African students at the non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online American university for 2015. View [+]


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