The key to any exam is preparation and for some this is a major headache. This does not have to be. If you can manage your time, prioritise, rest well and work smarter you will be able to pass any exam and test you have on you plate. Here are three easy steps that is student-proof to help you study:

1. Preparation

About a month before the exam or test start summarising important information and make notes of all the work the lecturer constantly refer to. You can bet that this is because it is important for the upcoming test and/or exam. So when the time gets closer and closer and you have gathered a substantial amount of noted and summaries, your workload is less!

2. Prioritise!

Make sure the time you have left is time well spent. It is not necessary to loose those much needed 8 hours of sleep over a test or exam. In fact you would be in a much better state of mind if your body is well rested. So how do you use your time effectively? There are many ways to deal with this issue but first and foremost, make sure what is the most important to you and what is the least.

Arrange your timetable in such a way that you go to classes, do your tutorial assignment and still make time to study. Friends, the launch of a new cocktail, huisdanse, movies, are all things that should be pushed aside if you are serious about studying. Now that you have all the summary notes you don’t need to feel down and out facing all those reader, textbooks and printouts. Go through the work systematically, from most important to least important thus leaving enough time to revise every day up until the day of the “TEST”.

3. Relax

After all the hard work and effort you put into this exam or test, the best thing you can do is relax and sleep. You deserve it and it won’t affect your test results as the groundwork has been done to award success.