Seeing that res is your second home when you start varsity it also tends to accumulate a lot of stuff that none of us really need but everyone wants. So, how do you keep your small-spaced res room (that you probably share with another clutter bug) clutter-free?

What to do?

With res rooms, you have a long list of things you cannot do. You can’t paint the walls—well, that’s the easiest and cheapest way to transform a space, you cannot hang anything on the ceiling, or you can’t put any holes in the walls at all or anything like that. And you can’t take the furniture out. You can’t paint the furniture, which is another thing you could also do.”
Oprah, Peter Walsh and David Bromstad gives us a few tips on how to organise our space more effectively and get rid of all unwanted stuff!

  1. The first thing you can do is to give the room some simple symmetry. “In a small room like this, just making everything symmetrical and easy opens it up,” David says.
  2. Add some colour to the room without having to rob a bank. Two candy stripped ruggs adds life and impact to a small room, add fabric panels to the cupboards which you can remove at the end of the year and add see-through bright-coloured curtains to the small window (we all know you have a small window or two) and allow the light in. These three simple adjustments will bring new life into any res room.
  3. Lastly, instead of having everything laying on the floor, make use of storage boxes. These are quite inexpensive and will make tidying up the room at the end of the day a breeze!


In small spaces there should not be a-lot on the surface (floor) as this is the only space you have. Also, when you buy something get rid of another as this will limit the amount of things you will accumulate during the course of the year. Lastly, don’t stock all your unwanted things, rather donate it to a local organisation which will make much more use of your unwanted things than you would.