All students have experienced a struggle for cash at some stage or another. Here are a few tips to ease the strain on your wallet!

  1. Buy in bulk. Often, grocery items such as meat, long life milk, eggs and sugar are much cheaper if bought in large quantities. You can freeze perishables in useable portions.
  2. Take advantage of specials. Make a note to check out all the deals at your local restaurants, bars, and supermarkets – you never know when you could find a real bargain.
  3. Pack your lunch. Spending money on your meals at campus every day can really add up! Buy yourself a funky lunchbox and make something delicious with what you have at home.
  4. Get crafty. Have an awesome skill, hobby or talent – brainstorm how you could perhaps make a little money from it!
  5. Put extra money away. Open an interest-accumulating savings account and deposit any extra cash into it, rather than spending it on the fly.
  6. Set your budget. At the beginning of the month, allocate your budget for food, stationery/textbooks, petrol, electricity and other necessities. This will give you an indication of how much flexibility you have for entertainment and small luxuries.
  7. Be ATM smart. You’re more likely to spend cash if you have it on you! Draw only as much as you need from an ATM to prevent impulse buying.