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Quirk Education has donated more than R50 000 worth of courses to the Southern Africa Sustainable Development Initiative (SASDI), an organisation that focuses on fund-raising, project management and leadership development within impoverished communities.
Eight University of Cape Town students working with SASDI have enrolled in Quirk Education’s Quirk Certificate Course in eMarketing – the most relevant form of digital accreditation in and outside the marketing industry.
The purely online course – endorsed by University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development – is completed over a period of 10 weeks and covers every facet of eMarketing, giving both professionals and students the opportunity to learn how to practically apply holistic Internet marketing tactics to their business.
“Our objective is to equip young adults with process skills they normally do not get from a university course which they can use in developing their own projects, businesses and careers going forward,” says SASDI founder and Chairman Dr Ian Corbett. Lyndi Lawson, Managing Director of Quirk Education says: “We hope that each UCT student will take the knowledge gained from our course and put it into practice in a very real sense for the benefit of SASDI, taking our philosophy of ‘each one, teach one’ back to the communities in which they work.”
Corbett says: “Our students are looking for a dynamic, practical experience with tangible benefits delivered at the end of the course both to themselves and the communities they work in. The students taking the eMarketing course are mainly from overseas, but every one of our students has one thing in common – their focus is not on themselves, they are looking at the bigger picture and exploring ways to make a positive contribution.”
Each student enrolled in the course will share their capabilities with children and communities around Cape Town, says Corbett. “I am sure that the skills they learn through the Quirk eMarketing course will be shared widely. We need to be able to continue the great work that the students are going to be doing once they return to their home universities. Together we are developing capabilities SASDI hopes will make a lasting difference in lives all over the world.”
Article by Student Village